Howler Monkeys | Genus Alouatta

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A. arctoidea | Ursine Howler

A. belzebul | Red-handed Howler

A. discolor | Spix's Red-handed Howler

A. guariba | Brown Howler

A. nigerrima | Black Howler

A. macconnelli | Guianan Red Howler

A. pigra | Yucatán Black Howler

A. ululata | Maranhão Red-handed Howler

A. sara | Bolivian Red Howler

A. seniculus | Colombian Red Howler

Photo & illustration references


A. arctoidea          


A. belzebul     

A. caraya

A. seniculus  


A. discolor 


A. guariba


A. macconnelli


A. nigerrima

A. ululata 




A. palliata   


A. pigra


A. sara 





© Luis Zabala


© Sidnei Dantas



Both © Miguelrangeljr


© Ric


© Peter Schoen


© Sean McCann



All by Cruz Lima, Eladio da, and Agnes Chagas. 1945. Mammals of Amazonia. Rio de Janeiro: Belém do Pará. Public domain. Accessed via the Nash Collection of Primates in Art and Illustration. Local Identifiers: PCLArts.PCLA1009.bib [A. belzebul], PCLArts.PCLA1012.bib [A. nigerrima], PCLArts.PCLA1010.bib [A. ululata]


© Adam Hermans


© Dave Johnson


© Raul Ignacio

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