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Lorisid | Nycticebus


Bengal Slow Loris | N. bengalensis


Macaques | Macaca


Stump-tailed Macaque | M. arctoides [possibly extinct]

Western Assamese Macaque | M. assamensis pelops

Burmese Long-tailed Macaque | M. fascicularis aurea

Northern Pig-tailed Macaque | M. leonina

Rhesus Macaque | M. mulatta


Leaf Monkeys | SemnopithecusTrachypithecus


Northern Plains Sacred Langur | S. entellus [Introduced]

Phayre's Langur | T. phayrei

Capped Langur | T. pileatus


Gibbon | Hoolock

Western Hoolock Gibbon | H. hoolock

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