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Lemur catta | Ring-tailed Lemur


Good spot: Anza Reserve Villageoise, Madagascar







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These are the lemurs one probably imagines when dreaming of Madagascar. Though so familar aesethically, there sound: a catlike meeeeeeeew, will certainly surprise you. The 


Anza Reserve Villageoise, Madagascar--Not far from the relatively large, regional hub of Ambalavao, Anza is a straightforward trip from Ranomafana. The reserve sits in a small, remnant forest nestled between a sudden explosion of granite in the midst of the Malagasy highlands. The landscape looks like a misplaced Yosemite. The lemurs are everywhere and visible, tucked into caves, leaping between rocks, feeding in the bushes, sunning on the tops and cuddled up grooming on softer spots. 



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Berenty-- See page on Verraux's Sifaka


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Beza Mafaly


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