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Loris tardigradus | Slender Loris | Unahapuluwa


Good spot: Polonnaruwa Palace







Sri Lanka




Seeing this Species


The Bradt Guide 100 Animals to See Before They Die (2007) offers this information:


"Easiest to see in the dry scrub forests of the North, including at ruins such as Polonnaruwa Palace. Use an infrared light as regular torches disrupt natural behavior."


Probability of Success: ? 


Overlapping species


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Other sites:


More information: The Loris Conservation Database









Garbutt, Nick and Mick Unwin. 2007. 100 Animals to See Before They Die. Bradt Guides: Bucks, England.





Fitzinger, Leopold Josef. Wissenschaftlich-populäre Naturgeschichte der Säugethiere in ihren sämmtlichen Hauptformen : Nebst einer Einleitung in die Naturgeschichte überhaupt und in die Lehre von den Thieren insbesondere. 1860. Public Domain.


Accessed via The Nash Collection of Primates in Art and IllustrationPrimate Center Library: Arts Collection. Local identifier: PCLArts.PCLA3133.bib



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