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Nomascus hainanus | Hainan Gibbon


Only spot (!): Bawangling National Nature Reserve, Hainan Island, China 




Nomascus hainanus is a monotypic species (no subspecies).



Hainan, China


Previously widespread across Hainan Island, it is now confined to Bawangling National Nature Reserve on the western side of the island [1]. 


IUCN Conservation Status

Critically Endangered



Seeing this Species


Bawangling National Nature Reserve, Hainan Island, China is the only place to see this species.


Flights and boats to and from Hainan


Bus transportation within Hainan


Probability of Success: Low


Overlapping species: Rhesus Macaque


Local contacts

Dr. Jiang Haisheng


South China Institute of Endangered Animals

105 Xingang Road

Guangzhou, Guangdong 510260




Phone: +86-20-84 19 25 36

Fax: +86-20-84 18 37 04


Other sites: None






[1] Chan B., Fellowes J., Geissmann T. and Zhang J., 2005. Hainan gibbon status survey and conservation action plan, version 1 (last updated November 2005). Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden Technical Report No. 3. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Hong Kong.



Illustration: Martin Aveling for BBC Wildlife Magazine



Page Last Updated: 22 February 2014

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