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Propithecus diadema | Diademed Sifaka


Good spot: Mantadia National Park, Madagascar






Occurrence: Madagascar




Seeing this Species


Mantadia National Park, 15km North of Andasibe (an easy trip to combine with a visit to the Indiri, Adam has no idea why he missed them)


A few groups are habituated making sightings quite likey.


Guides are required but they help your chances.



Probability of Success: ? (sounds good if habituated)


Overlapping species


Local contacts: 


Other sites:











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Illustration: Faguet, Bocourt. In Grandidier, Alfred. Histoire Physique, Naturelle, et Politique de Madagascar. Volume XI, Histoire Naturelle Des Mammiferes. 1876. Public Domain


Accessed via The Nash Collection of Primates in Art and IllustrationPrimate Center Library: Arts Collection. Local identifier: PCLArts.PCLA0809.bib



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