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Propithecus verreauxi | Verreaux's Sifaka


Good spot: Berenty Reserve




Seeing this Species


These are the "dancing lemurs" of Madagascar. In two months of travel in the country, I met very few other tourists. Until I arrived in Berenty. Here, surprise lines of tour groups would be lined up, ready to photograph the sifakas "dancing" across the road. Due to their anatomy, precisely designed for XX leaping, when on the ground, the sifaka seem to almost begin a ballet...


The tourists do not detract from the wonderous spectacle, it's just amusing to note.


Berenty is a private reserve, a former private plantation, and a tiny, remnant bit of forest set in a vast land of 


Overlapping species: none


Nagano, Japan





Page Last Updated: 22 February 2014

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