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Robust Capuchins | Genus Sapajus

S. apella | Guianan Brown Capuchin

S. flavius | Blond Capuchin

S. cay | Hooded Capuchin

S. robustus | Crested Capuchin

S. xanthosternos | Yellow-breasted Capuchin

S. libidinosusBearded Capuchin

S. nigritus | Black Capuchin

S. macrocephalus | Large-headed Capuchin

Illustration references


S. apella   


S. flavius

S. nigritus

S. xanthosternos    


S. robustus             





© Xyomara Carretero-Pinzón | Zocay Project




All by Amisha Gadani for the American Journal of Primatology    


Stephen Nash | © Conservation International



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