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Sierra Leone




Lorisid | Perodicticus


West African Potto | P. potto


Mangabey | Cercocebus


Sooty Mangabey | C. atys


Baboons | Papio


Olive Baboon | P. anubis

Guinea Baboon | P. papio


Guenons | Cercopithecus


Campbell's Monkey | C. campbelli

Diana Monkey | C. diana

Lesser Spot-nosed Monkey | C. petaurista


Colobus Monkeys | Colobus, Piliocolobus, & Procolobus


King Colobus | C. polykomos

Upper Guinea Red Colobus | Piliocolobus badius

Olive Colobus | Procolobus verus


Great Ape | Pan


Common Chimpanzee | P. troglodytes




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