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Dusky Langurs | Trachypithecus obscurus

Taxonomy & Occurrence

Trachypithecus obscurus can be found in Myanmar, Peninsular Malaysia, and Thailand.

IUCN Conservation Status


Seven subspecies are currently recognised:

Photo references


T. o. carbo

T. o. flavicauda

T. o. halonifer

T. o. obscurus




© Nick Baker


All © Andie Ang


T. o. flavicauda | Creamy-tailed Dusky Langur

T. o. halonifer  | Cantor's Dusky Langur

T. o. sanctorum 

| Saint Matthew Island Dusky Langur

T. o. seimundi | Phangan Dusky Langur

T. o. styx | Perhentian Dusky Langur

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