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Alouatta pigra | Yucatán Black Howler


Best spot: Baboon* Sanctuary, Bermudian Landing, Belize




Seeing this Species


Surprisingly, despite it being the geographically-closest primate to our studies in the States, we have yet to see this species.


Here are some spots offered by Fiona Reid, author and illustrator of the dazzling Mammals of Central America & Southeast Mexico (2nd Ed, 2009):


Baboon Sanctuary, Bermudian Landing, Belize


“Northwest of Belize City, the town of Bermudian Landing created this sanctuary to protect Yucatan Black Howlers (locally known as baboons). Strips of forest along the Belize River support an amazing number of howlers, and ladders over roads have been installed to help them get around. This is the best place to see this species, which can also be found at Lamanai and Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary (the last site is easily reached by road, off the Northern Highway).” (p. 29)


Tikal, Guatemala


Though Reid warns they are “rather uncommon” here, it sounds so incredible as worth a try:


“From the tops of the temples one can sometimes look down on arboreal species in the surrounding trees. Central American spider monkeys are extremely common; Yucatan Black Howlers are much less common, but will be heard and can usually be found.” (p. 28)



Other sites:

Gallon Jug, Belize

Palenque, Mexico


Overlapping species:

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Illustration © Marco Pineda


Page Last Updated: 20 January 2014


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